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I finally got to come home to Edmonton for 10 whole days and it was so great to meet up with friends and family, though I feel like I made everyone work out with me!  Edmonton has some great options for staying fit so I thought I’d share my favourite YEG fitness classes that I just had to attend while home.

  • Dance Code Studio (Downtown Edmonton):  My absolute favourite dance studio!  This place is my home away from home and I was so happy to reconnect with old dance friends while taking “Pumps with Sarah” on Monday and Wednesday.  If you’ve never danced before, be sure to check out the beginner class on Monday and if you’re an experienced dancer, you’ll love the Wednesday class!  Also, Yanis Marshall is coming to Edmonton in September!!  If you don’t know who he is, I linked his YouTube page so check him out and then contact Dance Code to sign up for his class.  I took classes from him in San Francisco and highly recommend signing up while he is in Edmonton!  Here’s a clip of our routine from this week, choreographed by the amazing Sarah Torkoly (I do not own any rights to the music, M.I.L.F.$ by Fergie).  (P.S. You didn’t think I’d get through a post without sharing my love of heels, did you?  Pumps is seriously the best dance class as I get to work out and wear heels!)


  • Sculpt Barre Studio (St. Albert):  You’ve heard me say it before but Sculpt is my favourite barre studio.  I haven’t found anything that compares to it in San Francisco.  The instructors are great, they always have fun playlists and they have floor, as opposed to every other barre studio that I’ve visited that has rug.  They even have a life-sized Taylor Swift cutout in the corner, how cool is that?!  I convinced my mom to try her first barre class with me this week and we’re both super sore and in need of a foam roll now!
YEG Fitness

My Mom & I Post-Workout

  • Aradia Fitness:  Although I got sidetracked by a long dinner and didn’t actually make it in to Aradia this time around, I can’t make a list of my favourite YEG fitness studios without mentioning Aradia Fitness.  I used to teach pole dancing classes here with some amazing ladies and if you’re looking for a strength training activity that doesn’t involve lifting weights, I highly recommend pole dancing!  I can’t wait to visit you ladies the next time I’m home.
  • YEG Cycle Spin Studio:  I was dying to make it in to YEG Cycle while home, however, the lack of having a vehicle this week made it impossible to get down to Whyte Ave.  We all know how obsessed I am with SoulCycle and by the sounds of it, YEG Cycle appears to be a SoulCycle knockoff.  Has anyone been to YEG Cycle?  If you have, let me know how you like it.  It’s definitely on my list to try during my next visit to Edmonton.

So there is it, my list of my favourite YEG fitness studios.  Did I include or miss any of your favourites?  Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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