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Sundays have been my favourite days in San Francisco!  I like to visit the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market at United Nations Plaza and then attend Dexandro Montalvo’s hip hop class at Alonzo Kings LINES Ballet before I do some running around and get prepared for the week ahead!  As I have just finished a class, I am inspired to write about workouts that I’ve tried in San Francisco and I think my next post will be how a killer workout outfit can inspire me to get out and sweat!

San Francisco provides many opportunities to work out, whether you’re living here or just visiting for a few days.  I was certainly inspired to work out here in the past when I was just visiting for a weekend and I have met many other travellers who have taken classes with me while on vacation.  Here are some of my favourite workouts in San Francisco:

  • Alonzo Kings LINES Ballet – Don’t be fooled by the name, they have so much more than just ballet and they offer classes for complete beginners, professional dancers and everyone in between!  I’ve only taken Dexandro’s (D’s) advanced beginner hip hop (Sundays and Tuesdays) so far but I’m looking forward to trying some other classes!  Each class is 1.5 hours, the first 20 minutes being warm up and ab work and the rest is cardio!  You will sweat!  Below is a clip from one of D’s classes.  So much fun!!
  • SoulCycle – If you haven’t heard of this cult phenomenon yet, you should check it out!  They have 3 locations in San Francisco and I guarantee that you will leave dripping in sweat!!  It is an amped up spin class where they dim the lights and pump up the music and it is FUN!  Check out their YouTube channel to learn more.
  • Bar Method – If you know me, you know I LOVE barre classes and I was addicted to Sculpt Barre back home!  I haven’t gotten the chance to check out Bar Method yet but the owner from Sculpt recommended it to me so I’m looking forward to checking it out soon!
  • Biking to Sausalito – While I haven’t actually made the trip yet, it’s on my list of things to try!  The website I linked gives a lot of details but basically, it is an 8 mile/ 13 km bike ride that takes 2-3 hours.  There are lots of bike racks in Sausalito and you can take the ferry back to San Francisco if you’re exhausted after riding the 13 km there!
  • Running Outside – I’m not much of a runner but there are many places to do so in San Francisco.  My favourite is the Embarcadero where you can start at AT&T Park and run past the Ferry Building, Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square.  Beautiful scenery and lots of other runners around will be guaranteed!
  • Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Program – Sometimes, I just prefer to work out at home and I love Kayla’s bikini body program!  My friend in Australia had the pleasure of meeting and working out with Kayla and she has gotten me hooked on the program.  She offers a free 7-day guide so be sure to try it out before purchasing the 12-24 week plans.
  • Grand Hyatt Fitness Centre – If you’re visiting San Francisco, the fitness centre at the Grand Hyatt Union Square is fantastic!  It’s open 24/7 and is located on the 35th floor of the hotel, showcasing unreal views of the city.  (To be completely honest, I first went up to check out the views but I couldn’t possibly leave before working out, even if I’m not a ‘gym person’.)  If you forgot your workout gear at home, fret not, as you are walking distance from the Nike flagship store, as well as from Calvin Klein Performance (more on workout clothing in my next post)!

Do you have any favourite workouts in San Francisco or in your home city?  I’d love to hear some recommendations, as I am always switching up my workout routine!  Comment below or tweet me!  For now, I will leave you with a clip from Dexandro’s hip hop class at Alonzo Kings LINES Ballet.  My next post will feature workout gear for all of these activities!



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