Stilettos & Airplanes was created in 2015 as a method to share my passion for fashion and travelling.  At the time, I was unemployed and doing some soul searching to attempt to define a career path for myself.  My education and work backgrounds are in Mathematics and Science disciplines so I wanted to experiment with using a creative outlet.  My Instagram account is flooded with “outfit of the day” photos, as well as photos from all of my travels and thus, the idea to name my blog Stilettos & Airplanes was born.

During my initial trials and tribulations of starting a new lifestyle blog, I became increasingly interested in the Marketing industry.  Fast forward to September 2015, and I have now started a masters program, studying International Marketing at Hult International Business School.

The new version of Stilettos & Airplanes will chronicle my move to San Francisco and will showcase my love of shoes, as well as life in San Francisco and wherever else my travels take me.  Hope you enjoy the journey travelling the world with me, one click of a heel at a time!





Features in the Media

Instagram posts that have been featured in the Edmonton Journal style section, Everywear, and on the Christian Louboutin website, Louboutin World:


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